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Parking Lot Fig

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I dug this volunteer fig out of a gravel-filled median in the Target parking lot when it was just 12” tall. (I always keep a folding shovel in my trunk, because, well, you never know)

2 years later, it is 8’ x 8’ and fruiting for the first time. I’ve researched to see what variety it might be related to, and my best guess is Ronde De Bordeaux or Violette de Bordeaux.

Until now, I had never tasted a home-grown fig. Even farmers market figs don’t do the fruit justice.

There’s a 5-6 day difference between the first and second fig I picked, and all I can say is WOW! The first one was delicious, but the second fig—I could have eaten a dozen of these! It had a jammy consistency, and a complex flavor with notes of berry, honey, apple, and red wine.