Event Calendar
No Meeting In July.
No chapter meeting this month. The Annual Festival of Fruit runs from July 26 - 30th in Campbell, CA.
Saturday, July 28, will be a full day of speakers,
presentations, vendors, raffles, and lunch, along with a
dinner buffet with guest speaker. Guided tours will be
held July 26 through July 30, on Thursday, Friday,
Sunday, and Monday. July 12 is the last day to register
(or request a refund). For more information, go to
http://festivaloffruit.org. The website also lists local hotels and provides maps.
Save the Dates – Tentative Calendar 2018
This is the information available so far. Things may change based on availability, circumstances, acts of nature, etc.

September 22nd - Sepulveda Gardens Jorge Ochoa - Fruit in an Urban Landscape
• October 27th - Sepulveda Gardens Charles Mali -
Whitewashing for Longer Lasing and Healthier Plants
• November 17th - TBA
• December 15th - Sepulveda Gardens - Holiday Party
FIELD TRIP: Home of Fang Liu and Jany Han
Place: Private residence

Program: Garden Tour
Chapter Members only, please
Although Fang and Jeny have only lived in their home for 2 years they already have 15 pomegranates, 16 grapes, 2 jujube,
3 stone fruits, and 5 cherimoyas with lots of grafts on them. There is a huge Chinaberry tree in the middle of the property that’s
preventing them
from planting under its canopy. They do a lot of close, staggered rows of plantings to save space.
At their home along the 5 freeway flood zone, the soil is different from the soil in the valleys. The ground is sandy: water and
shovels go freely through it. But with
enough mulch and compost and plantings, it can become very good soil.
Saturday, August 25th, 2018 10:00 A.M.