Event Calendar
Save the Dates – Tentative Calendar 2021

Thinking positively, we have booked the following dates for 2021,
We are hoping, like you and the rest of the planet that 2021 will see us back to living a normal life again!!.
This is the information available so far. Things may change based on availability, circumstances, acts of nature, etc.


July 24          George Campos                   Virtual Garden Tour
August 28     Ross Radi                             Wonderful World of Figs
Sept 25         Dr. Niamh Quinn                   Ground Squirrels in the home garden
October 23   Bill Brandt  
                           Virtual garden tour                                                       
Nov 20          Dr Shengrui Yao   
Dec 18          Holiday Party
Speaker: Mark Steele
Place:    On-Line Zoom: Meeting link to be provided to chapter members separately.
Topic:    Mark Steele’s Garden
Virtual Garden Tour of Home Orchard
Mark Steele
is a CSUN professor of Marine Biology and a longtime member of CRFG and our chapter.
In 2012, his “banana obsession” brought him to CRFG, and in 2016 he gave the chapter an excellent talk on the subject.
Mark will be welcoming us to his home orchard, where he’ll talk about the many fruits he grows. He’ll show us bananas, figs,
cherimoya, citrus, avocado, loquat, passionfruit, strawberry guava, stone fruits (plum, pluot, peach, nectarine, apricot,
mulberry, coffee and Surinam cherry). He
describes his yard as small; many of his trees are multi-grafted, which allows him to try
varieties. One tree has over a hundred grafts!
CRFG-LA meetings at Sepulveda Garden Center are currently suspended.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home at this time.
Our chapter will be holding On-Line meetings using Zoom.
Zoom login links and instructions will be sent about a week before each meeting.
Those without computer or smartphon
e, will miss the visuals, but can still listen to the audio stream.
Saturday, May 22nd 2021 10:00 am
Speaker: Dr. Ben Faber
Place:      On-Line Zoom: Meeting link to be provided to chapter members separately.
Topic:      A Conversation with Dr. Ben Faber
Program: Ben Faber
is the soils/water/subtropical crops advisor for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.
His primary crop involvements are avocado and
citrus, but he also covers other subtropical anddeciduous crops such as litchi,
longan, passion
fruit, blueberries, and cherimoya. He is currently evaluating various subtropical tree varieties for
their economic viability in coastal environments.
He also studies soil and water quality issues, such as erosion management, salinity
management, orchard floor management,
irrigation scheduling, and fertility management.
Ben has his Ph.D. in soil fertility  and M.S. in pomology.
What rare fruits does Dr. Faber recommend
growing in SoCal? Bring your questions for this living rare fruit expert to answer!
Saturday, June 26th 2021 10:00 am