About Us
    We are a group of ardent fruit growers who are  enthusiastic
    about growing unusual fruits, many of which you would
    rarely find in your local grocery store.
    We are all interested in learning, and in sharing our
    knowledge about growing rare fruits.
    At our meetings throughout the year, we have various
    interesting activities, including:

  • Field Trips to member's gardens, nurseries, botanical gardens, commercial

  • Presentations given by experts in a particular fruit, or special aspect of rare fruit

  • Scionwood Exchanges where you can get the material required to graft a new
    variety of fruit onto a similar tree that you are already growing.

  • Fruit Tastings where members bring fruit from their gardens to meetings, for you to

  • Group Purchases of plants and difficult to find materials.

  • Plant Raffles where members contribute their excess plants to help other members
    enhance their collections, and at the same time, help our chapter.
See a video interview
with several members
of the LA Chapter CRFG  
by Walt Zmed from his
TV show, ICONS, as
seen in Chatsworth,
California on Time
Communications cable.