Event Calendar
Save the Dates – Tentative Calendar 2022

Thinking positively, we have booked the following dates for 2022,
We are hoping, like you and the rest of the planet that 2022 will see us back to living a normal life again!!.
This is the information available so far. Things may change based on availability, circumstances, acts of nature, etc.

March 25 The Tony Stewart Memorial Tree Symposium, Sylmar HS
April 23 Garden Tour: Aura Carmi
May 21 Garden Tour: La Verne Nursery
June 25 CRFG Annual Plant Sale
July 23 Garden Tour: Conejo Valley Botanic Gardens
August No Meeting - Fruit Festival
September 24 To be announced
October 22 To be announced
November 19 To be announced
December 10 Holiday Party
Place:    Private Residence near Sepulveda Gardens (address to be provided a few days before the event)
Topic:    Annual Scion Exchange
Our annual scion exchange will take place in person!!
It will be a grafting demo/scion exchange for L.A Chapter members only, please.
Bring plant materials to share (seeds, cuttings, scions, etc.) PLEASE
NO CITRUS PLEASE! (Help prevent the spread of Citrus Greening Disease.)
PLEASE LABEL YOUR SCIONS CLEARLY with fruit type and variety.
• Scions should be 1/4” – 3/8” diameter (pencil size) and contain
several buds (2 -3 minimum).
• Bundle by variety in a moist paper towel(s) and place in a
ziplock-type bag, leaving a slight opening in the bag for the wood
to breathe. The towel(s) should stay damp while the wood is
• Label each bag with fruit variety, as well as any additional
information you feel is pertinent (i.e. minimum chilling hours;
pollinator needs; vigor; where successfully grown, etc).
• Please include your name on the scion bags, in case people have
• Keep scion bag in vegetable bin of your refrigerator until the
morning of the exchange.
Be careful not to let the scion wood freeze!
• At the event, please wait to make your selections until directed.
• Please limit your selections to two of any variety, until everyone
has had an opportunity. Then feel free to go back for more!
CRFG-LA meetings at Sepulveda Garden Center are currently suspended.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at home at this time.
Our chapter will be holding On-Line meetings using Zoom.
Zoom login links and instructions will be sent about a week before each meeting.
Those without computer or smartphone, will miss the visuals, but can still listen to the audio stream.
Saturday, January 22nd 2022 10:00 am
Topic: Lychees
Speaker: Dr. Johnathan Crane

Place:      Z
oom Meeting

The L.A. Chapter of CRFG is excited to welcome Dr. Jonathan Crane as he shares his insights about this rare fruit.
Dr. Crane is a specialist in tropical and sub-tropical food crops and has more than thirty years of experience with production
systems for these kinds of crops. He will be discussing the locations, cultivars, issues, and cultural practices to favor flowering
and fruiting, and the threat from the lychee erinose mite.
He currently works at the Tropical Research and Education Center at the University of Florida.
Saturday, February 26th 2022 10:00 am